2000px-Flag of Alaska.svg
Flag of Alaska
Nickname "The Last Frontier"
Capital Juneau
Largest City Anchorage
Area 663,628 sq miles (1st)
Population 740,000 (47th)
HDI 5.06 (24th)

Alaska is the 49th state to join the union, before Hawaii. It is known for it's colossal size and its close borders with Russia. Due to an island reaching in the Eastern Hemisphere, Alaska has the easternmost point, northernmost point, and westernmost point of all states in the union.

Alaska's most populous metropolitan area, Anchorage, makes up over half of its population. This state is very sparse, however. The least dense of any state, this state averages a person for every 1-and-a-half miles. Compared to New Jersey, the most dense state, New Jersey is over 930 times as dense as Alaska.

However, Alaska faces low unemployment rate and one of the highest median and mean wages in the Union. It also has the most official languages of any other state, 21 languages.

One-third of Alaska falls within a nearly uninhabitable zone, the Arctic Region. Alaska has several geographic wonders too. It has the third highest mountain in the world, and highest in North America and the United States,

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