This is a list of fictional Presidents of the United States of America. Fictional presidents are often used in fiction both satirical and speculative.

Comic Books Edit

  • Prez Rickard (1973) - Prez Rickard is an American Teenager who due to a constitutional amendment that lowered the age of eligibility for the office to accommodate the then influential youth of the baby boomer era is elected president of the United States. This DC Comic Character would latter serve as vice president for Betty Ross, another Teenage president in DC Comics.
  • Betty Ross (2015) - Betty Ross is an American Teenager who is elected on Twitter to be President in the year 2036 with her VP being DC Comics character Prez Rickard who was the first Teenage president in that reality.

TV Edit

  • William Johnson (2012) - In the Sitcom 'The First Family' he is second African-American to be president and head of the household.

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