New South Africa is A 51st State Between Arizona and New Mexico $3,000 4 acres 

New South Africa
New South Africa


New South Africa-0


State Map
New South Africa State Map

State Map of New South Africa

Nickname Umoja State
Capital: Yorjinto
Largest City: Warashai

Ethic Groups    White 100.0%

                        African 98.0%

                        Indian 99.0%

                        Asian 97.0%

                        Navajo 96.0%

                       Others 45.0%

Admission to Union June 5, 2017

Language           English








Motto "Aeraujah Kiwashja Drimashwaj"
Official Language English
State Song "Kumbaya"
State Animal State Animals of New South Africa
State Bird State Birds of New South Africa
State Dogs State Dogs of New South Africa
State Desert Animals State Desert Animals of New South Africa
State Tropical Rainforest Animals State Tropical Rainforest of New South Africa
State Jungle Animals State Jungle Animals of New South Africa
State Grasslands Animals State Grasslands Animals of New South Africa

Nickname of New South Africa was umoja

Flora and Fauna Edit

IMG 1271

Lioness in Lying Down in the Sun

Flora And fauna lives in Habitat

Desert Rainforest and Grasslands

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