Season 1 Edit

 It came from a talent show!
 Petunia Problem
 Sole of a State
S1,E1=6/29/09 S1E2=7/2/09 S1E3=7/13/09 S1E4=7/20/09 S1E5=7/28/09
 Tiny Tessy!
 St LouisTime!
 Power Down!
S1E6=8/2/09 S1E7=8/13/09 S1E8=8/22/09 S1E9=8/30/09 S1E10=9/4/09


Season 2 == 2009-2012

 Ruled Out
 That's Life!
 Shiny Teeth
 Odd, Odd West
S3x021A S3x021B S3x022A S3x022B S3x023A
 So Totally Spaced Out
 Love Struck!
 Cosmo Con
 Wanda's Day Off!
 Odd Jobs
S3x023B S3x024 S3x025A S3x025B S3x026A
 Movie Magic
 Sleepover and Over
 Mother Nature
 Chin meets Mighty Mom&Dyno Dad
S3x026B S3x027-29 S3x030A S3x030B S3x031A
 Engine Blocked
 Most Wanted Wish
 This is Your Wish
 Beddy Bye
 The Grass is Greener
S3x031B S3x032A S3x032B S3x033A S3x033B
 Secret Origin of Mr. Crocker
 Kung Timmy
 Which Witch Is Which?
 Pipe Down!
 The Big Scoop!
S3x034 S3x035A S3x035B S3x036A S3x036B=2012-2013
 Crime Wave
 Odd Ball
 Where's Wanda?
 Imaginary Gary
 Chip Off The Old Chip
S3x037A S3x037B S3x038A S3x038B S3x039A
 Snow Bound