Tidal Wave is a Shoot-the-Chutes water ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 

1280px-SFMM- Tidal Wave 1

Valencia, California.[1] The ride is located in the Movie District portion of the park. The ride's theme is related to a tropical environment featuring several palms and trees. The entrance to the ride is next to The Riddler's Revenge which is near to JB's Smokehouse BBQ.[2] The ride is open from the spring season to late September. The ride temporarily closes in early October for Magic Mountain's annual Fright Fest event; the ride's line is used for a maze. During the winter months, the ride is closed to drain the water and clean the ride along with the splash area. The entrance to the Flash Pass is located at the right side exit of the ride. The ride has two large boats which seat a maximum of 20 riders.[1] Both of the boats are typically used every day.

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