A WikiGuild is a collection of pages devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of topics within the United States of America Wiki; and, simultaneously, a group of editors that use said pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize article writing and editing.

The attached talk pages are a convenient forum for those interested in a particular project.

Steps to creating a WikiGuild Edit

Go to WikiGuild Proposals, and see if anyone else is already proposing this.

Identify the best scope Edit

Identify the best scope for your project. Either of those criteria should be enough to make you think that maybe a larger scope would be better.

In simple form, the risks of a narrow scope are not enough people and not enough pages, consequently, your project may die from administrative overload, and become inactive.

Submit your proposal Edit

Go to WikiGuild Proposals and submit a reasonably detailed proposal. Nothing to vague à la "Let's make a WikiGuild about pies!" The primary reason for this be used to gauge support for potential WikiGuilds before putting a lot of effort into creating a detailed project page.

Proposing a project
To propose a project, write a brief description (including links to the related United States of America Wiki articles), and add it along with your name to the list below (in chronological order). Some boilerplate you can use:
== Name of project ==
[description here] ~~~~

;Interested editors (please add your name)
# ~~~~

Expressing interest
If you are interested in any of the projects listed here, simply add your name to the appropriate list and start contributing to the relevant articles. The discussion section of each proposal is designed for expressing support (Support), opposition (Oppose) or concerns (Neutral), etc. When adding to a discussion please provide your rational for support or opposition.
*'''Support''' - [Rationale for support] 
*'''Oppose''' - [Rationale for opposition] 
*'''Neutral''' - [Concerns or suggestions]
Creating a project
If your project gains support from less than 5 active editors, remove it from this list and reconsider your proposal and its scope.
Requesting a project
There may be cases where you believe that there is a pronounced need for the creation of a project which does not yet exist which you may not personally feel qualified to join. In the event you are aware of such a situation, please add the relevant name to the list of projects below and see if there are any individuals interested in creating such a project.
In the event a given proposal does not receive sufficient support within 1 month of posting here to create a project or task force, it is added to the United States of America Wiki:WikiGuild/Proposals/Archive page.

Current proposalsEdit

WikiGuild Proposals
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